Unfortunately, we don’t always manage to behave as we’d love to, especially when we are experiencing higher levels of anxiety and stress during a musical performance.

The balance between our mind and body can be compromised, resulting in a reduced control of our body movements, posture and expression. 

Now, visualise with me a vocal performance.

As the audience we can witness singers that lose their relaxation on stage due to stress and worry. They can look tense, rigid and unnatural during the whole performance. Sadly, this aspect affects also their musical production and the performances lose all their fascination, even if the pieces are well performed.

My name is Giada, I am a singer, and up until a few months ago during my performances I was a stage ornament😜. A cute, well-decorated one, but also really static!

I’ve been told many times about my bad stage presence but the more the people was telling me about it, the more I was getting worried. The efforts I put trying to use my body actively didn’t get any success.

Then something new happened to me. 

In January I discovered the body music and the circle-singing, attending a course with Tiziana Pozzo, music therapist and pianist.

During the workshop I began to experience my body as a musical instrument. I learnt how to use it in order to produce sounds (through the body percussion and my voice). It was such an intimate and spiritual experience that I though I was becoming the music itself. 

I felt carried away by my music and the one created by my friends of the course. I tapped on my chest, my cheeks and thighs; my hands were warm and tickling, my fingers clicking, and my feet moving confident and dancy, alternating in a playful way.

Everything was so simple and natural!😌

I realised that the key to reach the equilibrium between my mind and my body was actually possible by letting go and having fun. Without that I wouldn’t have been able to break down the wall that was keeping separate my musical ideas to a happy and musical body.

Now is the music that guides my gestures, thoughts and smiles. Now I can have fun while I sing and there is just a little space left to feel nervous. 

Being aware of my own skills, increasing my own proprioception and believing in myself: these are the main ingredients to feel happy and relax while I sing.

A big hug, Tiziana. Thank you for teaching me how to combine music, movement and happiness: an energetic mix that becomes explosive!💥🎶


Giada Da Re


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