Sounding Out / Music education with deaf Children – compositions inspired by paintings

Carrying my trumpets/boomwhakers with me – and my sleeping face – for the rehearsal with the kids! 😂

As part of the project Sounding Out – Music with deaf students for Creative Futures, Julia and me proposed the children to get inspired from some paintings housed in the British Museum to compose two musical pieces.

The boys of the class chose to create the music for a painting representing a war. They showed such huge creativity: tambourines for gun shots, big drums for cannonballs, boomwhakers for trumpets, melodies for died soldiers. Kind of a tragic theme but they were really inspired by it! 😅


The girls chose to compose a musical piece inspired by flowers and Julia worked with them.  Eventually all the kids have taken part in both pieces and got the chance to add their ideas.

Today we also have the rehearsals with the pianist and the bassoon player, for the third piece that the children are going to perform in the show, with the music composed by Sam West for the video ‘The Pyramid’.

Can’t wait!


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