SOUND DESIGN SESSION FOR SOUNDING OUT – Music for students with hearing impairments

Getting ready with Sam West for our sound design session for the kids with hearing impairments.

As part of the program of the research Sounding Out – music and deafness (Creative Futures and UCL) we are going to create and play live the soundtrack for a short animated film with the kids: original music composed by the students and the teachers (Joe Steele and Sam West), and sound effects recorded at the school. 

What you can see here is me recording the boat’s anchor falling into the sea.


Today we have worked with one group of students in a school in North London and on Wednesday we are going to continue with two more groups in East London.

During today’s session, Sam has worked with two kids at a time to record the sound effects related to the actions/movements/objects of the movie (supported by Katie Mason in the communication through the use of the sign language). Meanwhile, Joe and I were helping the children to compose their own percussion parts following Joe’s original soundtrack composition.

It’s been a great session and the students are playing always better, enjoying always more playing together with their friends.



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