On the 6th of April 2018, the last shop from Ocado arrived at our home. On that day we realized how much plastic there was just in our shop and we decided that we would try other solutions to have less impact on the environment. We also started feeling that we wanted to have a more sustainable lifestyle.


Today we went to our closest local market (Ridley Road Market in Dalston Junction) and we had a big shop of vegetables, spices and beans. We also brought our own plastic bags, that we started collecting during the time we were buying from Ocado (each shop arrived in about 15 plastic bags – almost empty – and the vegetables and fruits were also vacuum packed in plastic bags. To be honest Ocado offers a return policy for the plastic bags but the amount of plastic, in general, was horrifying us.

Today we spent almost £45.
I calculated that the same shop (the same amount of kilos of vegetables, spices etc.) with Ocado would have cost £92.
Almost £50 saved.

Of course, it took us about 2h (1 hour and 45 minutes to be honest) but:
1. we went out (even if it was a bad and cold weather);
2. we met other people, we spoke with them, we tried different types of food to choose the ones that we preferred and we felt more connected with the community;
3. we didn’t use any other plastic bags and all the vegetables were loose.

Unfortunately, the spices were in small plastic bags so we will need to find a solution for that.

I have to admit that I wasn’t completely sure that I could find everything we needed in that market but we actually did.
I thought we would have spent more but we didn’t. We actually saved money.
Although we are all busy people it is easy to overlook this experience as just being time-consuming when actually it can revitalise and inspire new creative thoughts and connections with the community.

I’m sure our dinner tonight will have a different taste.

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