Hello everyone!
This is my idea of training for this year!

I’d love to share with you an idea that came up to my mind last year and that I didn’t feel ready to share in the past.
I would like to create a space for sharing ideas, activities, strengths and weaknesses (and more) about the use of music in groups or during one-to-one sessions.
It would be a space for teachers, educators, therapist and musicians that work with music in education, team building, therapy, communities…. or simply for who leads a group of people with the use of the music.
My idea is to create a monthly session for a restricted group of people (max 15 per session) that have the desire of share, grow in their profession and keep learning.
It would be a moment in which everyone would have the possibility to lead, support, enjoy and share, WITH NO JUDGMENT.
Inspired by the amazing job of the guys of Musica do Circulo in Brazil and my experiences in the teacher training field in Europe and South America, I’m feeling always more that what myself really needs (and with me most of the people that I meet during my courses) is a space to share our thoughts and needs, more then just develop new skills or learn new activities.
It would be open to people that works with music with every methodology and techniques (body music, dancing, Orff, Gordon, improvisation, ABRSM, primary schools, care centers…).

P.s. I’m a music therapist and music educator, born in Italy and based since a couple of years in London.

If you’re interested just send me a message at or comment with your email 🙂
Thank you very much for your time!


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