20 minutes to compose a song for the dad’s birthday of these 4 years old twins, with Loopy and IPhone headphones. Enjoy!
This app is a great tool to work on listening and creativity with children!



Thank you so much for your moment of musical joy!  The mum and I both cried with joy in a matter of seconds on the first listen, and the second and the third.  We sent it around to everybody we knew and I played for for my colleagues all day on Friday.

It is simply magical.  I don’t know if you realised that when you made it – but please have no illusions about how wonderful it is.  Although we may be crazily emotional parents – I heard more squealing from grown adults on Friday than I’ve heard in years!

Thank you, thank you.  I don’t know if you can top it – but Mommy’s turning 49 on March 8th…”

The Dad


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