Today I wanted to work on the pulse and on the self-confidence in the session of Sounding Out – music and deaf.
I started with Pedro Consorte’s ‘Rhythmic cards’ game to introduce the idea of pulse and rhythm through the vision and the reading (really helpful with children with hearing impairment). We used the cards to: work on the pronunciations of the syllables; explain the connection between space and rhythm in each card; work on the production of the sounds with the body percussion.
Second activity was the ‘Walking line“, where each student walks on an imaginary line and each step is becomes a hit on the drum for the rest of the group. Standing in front of the others and create a rhythm with the steps requires a lot of self-confidence but the sound of the drums helps to build it up.
Last game of the session was ‘Little music game’, inspired by the tuned learnt with Keith Terry in Brazil (Little Lisa Jane): part A call and response – part B copy the dance/movements or rhythm of someone else!
What do you think about this session?


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