There are sessions that you would like to cancel and start again from the beginning.

There are sessions in which no matter how good you are in the other ones, in this one you feel you made a lot of mistakes.

The plan was good but somehow today you lost your rhythm and your ability of listening the needs of the group was confused.

It happened today that in the session for children with hearing impairment, the Professor and the researcher from the University (which are supervising the project) were sitting in the room observing the children’s musical behaviours, the activities I chose and how the teachers assistant of the school were helping through the session.

I had multiple things to take in consideration during this session:
– how to involve the children in movement, singing and playing keeping high their lever of attention;
– how to include an autistic child that today was particularly distracted;
– how to involve my generous and lovely assistant;
– and much more 😂(if you teach you know what I’m speaking about).

It happened that my rhythm today was not the right one, I was thinking too fast, I rushed into the activities (probably because I was worried about the researchers’ opinions) and I finished exhausted.

Well… I don’t want to feel a shit about it. I didn’t run the best session ever? I will do it another day 😉✌️This is the best opportunity for me to learn, to understand how to improve and to try to do better next week.

I’m still feeling upside-down, though.
Tomorrow is another day, someone said.

#thelifeofamusicteacher #wearealwaysstudents


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