My dad found this in a box full of pictures in my home in Italy today.
It’s me when I was almost 3, there is the high chair on the back meaning that my sister was already there and able to stay sit.

I had a swing in my home, in the middle of the living room 😍

I remember I spent a lot of time swinging there when my mum was cooking or when she was teaching piano. I could swing and listen to music.

When I was a bit older I learnt how to jump down from that swing and I remember my dad encouraging me to try jumping from a higher point every day.

I learnt how to calculate the distance between me in the air and the floor, falling down badly sometimes but most of the time feeling really successful. I remember myself creating a mattress with the cuscins to fall over, to protect myself. I didn’t have any IPad, any video game.

I had two parents that took care for my development and helped me becoming independent falling on the floor from a swing, listening to classical piano teaching on the background.

I was lucky, I always thought this. I was the girl of two teachers, piano teacher and judo teacher and they helped me to love life. I couldn’t be anything else than a teacher myself.

Thank you crazy parents for helping me to love life always more.


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