Just came back to one of my music therapy sessions after the holidays and T. remember perfectly the song we composed together in June because we recorded it during one session and he could listen to it during the whole summer. In that period he also found out on his keyboard the notes of the tune that we sung and played originally with two ukuleles. So we wrote it down today.

The use of the new technologies during the sessions with him has always been really important for differ reasons:

1) allowes me to remember what we do in details and to record the most important steps of T. (expecially if you have different sessions during the week with different patients)

2) allowes him to have a real production of his improvisation realised during the classes: this gives importance to his efforts and makes him proud of himself

3) allowes me to show to the parents what we do in the sessions and we can speak and discuss about the music therapy intervention

4) using applications as Loopie, Garage Band or Notes is fun and connected to the real life we all live everyday with phone, tablets.

This is just one part of the session but it’s been really important with the work with T., expecially because with him everything is based on improvisation, composition and songwriting due to his sensory process disorder and the difficulty in keeping a long attention and concentration.

Next week more!


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