Leaving Stockholm after a week of immersion at the DIG Stockholm Impro Festival, ready now to go back to London, to my life and my future; bringing with me different emotions, some of them new, some old.
What did I find in this week at the DIG?

I didn’t find a school, I didn’t find a theatre, I didn’t find a festival. Not just all of this!

I discovered a community, a new welcoming community created by people able to love, to follow their passions, to listen and share.

I met people with different ways of thinking, interacting and living. We were all together from breakfast until dinner, going through intensive workshops, shows and moment of conversations and laughs.

I have to be honest, though.
This is not a completely new world to me, not a totally new experience.
I am lucky enough to be part of something similar, to know other people like the ones I met in Stockholm, to have experienced what feeling connected by the same passion means.
The body music community has been this for me!
I could meet people from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds but the same love for music, human beings and human development.

At the DIG Festival I taught body percussion and vocal improvisation to students and professionals of impro theatre and I had the chance to connect these two worlds in a new profound way! Can I say out loud how lucky I am?

Even if I didn’t become a professional improviser, I clearly remember that I was feeling completely caught by the impro theatre during the years studying at ‘Cambiscena’, the school where I started in Italy (actually the impro theatre has been the only reason that kept me there that long).
During these days in Stockholm I could introduce the festival’s participants to the body music and the circle-singing which are connected in loads of ways to the impro theatre.
I also had the chance to improvise again after almost three years, this time with Per, Antonio and Stina, have fun with them again on stage and forget about the fears of performing that I experienced during the last period spent in Italy (but this is another story 😊).

During the last week I finally found the strength to unlock something and keep digging in my passions and in my dreams; now I’m ready to go back to the impro theatre, in another country and in another language, accepting what ever will arrive. Accepting that I don’t have to be really good in something to enjoying it (and this is again another story 😊).
Am I too old? Am I too late to try again? Who cares!
Actually, who decides when it’s too late? Who told me that I have to give up?
How fun and exciting can be walking through a new path?
I can start looking at myself in a different way. Why should I find just one way to look at myself?
I know that now it’s finally the right moment for me to start doing what I want, having fun with my creativity, my body, with myself.
Maybe I will succeed, maybe I’ll understand that I have to give up, maybe I will just have a lot of fun.
I’m sure I will learn something new, that’s for sure.

This is what I found after a week at the Stockholm Improvisation theatre’s festival.
I helped the students to try the body music and with their desire of learning they helped me to find the strength to dig into my passions and my dreams even more.

So thanks to all the students for being so curios and open minded during my workshops about music, I really hope to see you again to sing and dance together many other times!

Thanks to the Stockholm Improvisation theatre’s people that worked hard hosting all of us in their amazing ‘house’!

Thank you Mats, it’s been really inspiring to see you in action.

Thank you Antonio to share, listen and improvise with me… everything has been a great learning (and fun).

Thank you Per for inviting me, for believing in me and telling me to start again with the impro theatre.

But most of all, thank you for having create a space of learning an discovering so open and without judgment, in this wonderful part of the world.

DIG Stockholm Impro Festival: highly recommended.




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