Six months ago I made a promise in front of the embers of a magical fire at the Circle music retreat in Brazil:

“I will try to bring some of the love and passion that I found in this amazing body music community in my own one, thousands of miles from here”.
 And Sunday at the Southbank Centre’s Choir Festival I felt for the first time that I’m finally starting doing it, with the extraordinary help of Guillermo Rozenthuler which is accompanying me in this musical journey here in London.

Guillermo lead an amazing Open Circle-song where people was involved with their voices and movements, from the youngest child with his mum (Noah, my friend’s 7 weeks old son) to the oldest lady (87 years old) that with her walking stick kept the beat for the whole time and decided to sing with the basses because her voice was tired that day.

For me it was a special day also because my mum and my sister were there: I’m so happy that my mum could experienced this practice, so unusual for our hometown in the north of Italy. She really enjoyed it as a musician and teacher and I’m sure she will bring some new elements in her teaching in the secondary school from September.
There were also a lot of friends from Leeds with their energy and enthusiasm. They are part of the body music community and with some of them in 6 months time we met in Brazil, Leeds, Hamburg and London.

Making music together it’s been such a good way to build up this friendship.

A friend of mine also joined us, an amazing singer and musician. He sang in the circle on Sunday morning for the first time in his life. I was interested in his opinion so I’ve been really pleased to hear him saying “I would definitely come again” after the session. He thinks that for musicians and performers it can be really important sometimes to be able to stop the rational part, mostly connected to the idea of performing, and enjoy music for its simplest elements of communication and cooperation, which was the case of the open circle-song at Southbank.
Pedro, Zuza and Ronaldo… have another great Circle music retreat in July and keep inspiring the world with your music and passion! I will be there! ❤️




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