The first methodology that I’ve studied for my training as a music teacher has been the “Littelpianoschool Method,  destinated to teach piano to children from 3 years old. After this course I started the training  to become a music therapist and in the  meantime I specialised in the Music Learning Theory of Edwin. E. Gordon (for children aged 0 to 6). These last two courses changed completely my way of teaching and opened my mind to different possibilities in the educational field.  During the music therapy training I also went across the body music and last (and I’m sure not least) I discovered the impro theatre and the circle-singing.

During these 15 years working in education and therapy I found really useful to be able to move between different types of approaches and languages, mostly in the last 3 years when I left Italy and I started exploring different scholar systems and possible ways of making music with children, teenagers, adults and older people.

In this pictures there is a music sheet where the colors are associated with the musical notes. The student I was working with (5 years old) was struggling with the fine motor skills, the recognition of the notes on the piano and the voice-movement coordination. During other piano classes with her, I could also observing that she had difficulties in other games based on the visual-motor skills in association with the rhythm, in the eye-hand coordination and in some simple rhythmic imitations.

The use of the colors (as well as the drawing) helped her to understand through symbols and images different abstract conceps (for example same/different, high/low, short/long) and to improve her fingers coordination. Having the colors on the piano allowed her to play some easy melodies that she couldn’t play before and her motivation and satisfaction increased as well.

This is one of the tools that a teacher, an educator or a therapist can use during the sessions.

I guess that if you work in education or therapy you would already understand what the next point would be: do you feel it would be better to follow one specific methodology, move between different ones or create your own approach?


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