This yesterday workshop for families represented so much for me!

1. It was in my home town in Italy and I could meet a lot of ex students (and their parents); it’s amazing for me to be able to follow their growing up and if it’s in a musical context is even better 🙌

2. I could share with them my biggest passion, between body music and the impro theatre! It allowed us to have fun, connect, cooperate and improvise music together.

3. The littlest one was 5, Pietro (he was one of my student 3 yrs ago and now is studying drums 😊) and the oldest one… who knows! And who cares! We were all together there, no difference in age or musical level.

4. “One hour here making body music and I completely forgot about the rest” I’ve been told from one of the mums… GREAT! This is exactly one of the reasons why I love this job! Music and the movement can also be a reason to feel better, to connect with ourselves and the others, to find our creativity, to stay in the moment and forget about our problems, even if just for an hour.

5. “Keep going and come back soon”: thanks! This is a positive feedback that allows me to understand better that I’m in the right path, that what I’m doing is not just for me and that sharing is always the best choice.

6. Last but not least: the biggest thanks goes to Eleonora Ponte and Melarancia for having invited me to “Fiaba libera tutti”❤️
I’ll see you in the end of May,  home sweet home.


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