What do we really need to run a good music therapy session?

ENG Just finished two tough music therapy sessions for kids with autism.
I’m tired but happy! Their interactions are a lot more now, after two months of meetings! 🎶🎵
I could hear their voices singing and asking me for tunes; they have played the instruments and I saw them really exited keeping the rhythm with the body percussion!

Once I finished I took a picture of the classroom and I felt it was so empty!
How many elements were not there anymore? What do we really need to run a good session?
Let’s start the list…

0. listening
1. circle music
2. relationshiop
3. musical games
4. jokes
5. passion
6. experience
7. help from the tutor
8. curiosity
9. mistakes
10. a fair amount of luck!
I would be happy to have suggestions!

FACEBOOK comments

Venla Sandgren:”I like your list! I would also add: #touching #usingthevoice#singing #smiling #hugging”

Noga Ritter: “Improvisation ! We work a lot with SEN children in all ages . Beat-box goes down super well and Loop pedal !!! when they hear their voices played back at them its an enormous affect !”


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